an essay question is a test of memory

A stimulus that facilitates the recall of information from long-term memory is called a ______. a. retrieval cue. b. recall cue. c. reminder. d. memory cue. Answer: a. Page: 145. Bloom's Taxonomy: Knowledge. Difficulty: Low. APA Goal: Goal 1: Knowledge Base of Psychology. 38. An essay question is a ______ test of memory.
a memory task in which a person must produce required information by searching memory. an example would be an essay question on a test. retrieval cue. any stimulus or bit of information that aids in retrieving particular information from long term memory. serial recall. is information recalled in a specific order. free recall.
An essay question is a ______ test of memory; a multiple-choice question is a ______. a. recall; recall test also b. recall; recognition test c. recall; relearning test d. recognition; recognition test also. b; Easy. 20. "Discuss several factors that contributed to the economic collapse of late 2008," reads a question on the midterm in
Multiple-choice tests are generally easier than fill-in-the-blanks tests or essays because it is easier to recognize the correct answer out of a group of ... (which is way too big a number to imagine), yet your working memory, the part of your brain that consciously works on a problem, can only hold about seven bits at any time.
Because it is a multiple choice item, we can say that this question is an example of measuring retrieval by ... D. a recognition test. Answer: B. Pages: 256-258. Topic: Retrieval and How We Measure It. Skill: Applied. 90. An essay test is an example of a(n) ______ test. ... B. memory tests are unreliable. C. cues are important
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Studying Recognition Memory and Recall. Have you ever read a question on a multiple choice test and thought "Did I learn anything about this?" but still were able to identify the correct answer from among the options? Have you ever left an essay exam wishing you had taken a multiple choice test instead? Most of us agree
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